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Sad News - America 🇺🇸 is Fat

September 18, 2019

In a society of tender feelings. Now you can't say something to somebody that's factually true. If truth hurts, you're not supposed to say it. I mean, it's cool to do every other kind of, you know, lie, but when you actually have to make somebody confront what's going on with them, calling somebody out on their crap, it's just not cool anymore. You know? So if somebody is living up, you know, if somebody is living a life that you think that it's putting them in danger, their own health and fitness, you're not allowed to point that out. We've got friends that, they always offer to help in business. They say "How can I help your business?" Like, well, if you can randomly, roll up to people and tell them they're fat and they need to go workout at my gym, go for it.

But that's never going to be welcomed. That's not gonna. That's not a conversation. And I can't really be like, Hey, do you know a John Doe? So he left your name and number and said that I should get in contact with you because you have a weight problem.

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